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Firefox 51 arrives with important news regarding performance

Firefox 51

51 Firefox is already a reality, a new update that has practically been launched by Mozilla and which is now available for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux operating systems. This new version, as have commented on those responsible for their development, comes with important news com may be the overall improvement in their performance where have been redesigning the algorithm to make much lower CPU use.

This is precisely the main novelty which brings Firefox 51, same that in addition to not congest both the CPU offers an quite remarkable improvement in terms of performance when viewing videos, something which is particularly important on computers that do not diptongan GPU acceleration. Without a doubt, two new features that will make, at least, the user experience is much better.

On the other hand, after many meetings and development, finally Mozilla guys have decided to support playback of FLAC files, Free Lossless Audio Codec, in the browser itself by what of if you are a music lover you’ll be cheering you. As detail, let know you that this kind of files are basically files sound lossless, without loss of sound quality, quite contrary to the traditional MP3.

51 Firefox, performance, optimization by flag.

Finally note that Firefox 51, great features and innovations, includes support for WebGL 2 with advanced graphics rendering features that, as users, allows you to enjoy best textures and much deeper shadows, and real. This new feature, according to from Mozilla, will significantly improve the experience of all those users who use the browser to play different games.

51 Firefox implements a specific software designed to limit the accuracy of the ‘Battery Time‘ function so that you can avoid tracking through e network through our battery data, shows a new indicator in the address bar to see you zoom, improved support for video 360-degreelevel, have been blocked definitely SHA-1 certificates and even has been included a new notification system to alert the user when you try log in to pages that do not use HTTPS.

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