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Firefox and Google Chrome are beginning to appoint insecure HTTPS connections

Whenever we talk about secure pages, where we have to write our data, our credit card to make a payment or our password we must make sure that the website is secure. The simplest method is to check if the web address begins with HTTPS. In this case it can be calm because the information will travel our computer up to the servers where you have to accommodate the information, no one else will have access to that information. If instead, the website does not offer the HTTP address, any person by the road that goes from your computer to servers may have access.

Google takes many months, announcing that it will start to differences the secure pages that are not him, not only on their results page, but it will also begin to do so through the browser whenever the user access to them. This function will become operational in the next update of Google Chrome, Update number 56 and which will be available the week coming.

But it isn’t the only one, since Firefox, the other browser in contention that fight for stealing share to Chrome, has just released a new update that already reports on a web page is secure, uses the HTTPS protocol or by still using HTTP. As we can see in the picture that heads this article, whenever we access, the browser will show us a sign next to the address stating that the connection is not secure.

This message is only displayed in the web pages that we have to enter passwords to access, i.e., in the pages of forms, like Chrome. Is assumed that this of browsers available in the market as Microsoft Edge, with increasingly fewer users, also implement this option to notify all users of safety or not from the web page you are visiting.

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