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Fitbbit would have sold more wearable than Apple and Samsung together

Apple has always been very discreet in terms of sales of its Apple Watch. It always claims to be spectacular numbers, but in reality it never gives the exact number. Now, an outside company has revealed its figures’s analysis on that market, revealing that actually Fitbit would be the King of the wearable segment.

The firm International Data Corporation (IDC) has published a new report of study on the status of the wearable market in the world, revealing that he is actually a segment that is at its best, since it reached a new all-time high of sales by 33.9 million units, between Smart bands for exercise, smartwatches, and other accessories.


However, the most surprising, as you can see in the table, is that Apple does not appear at the top of the list, as you could have been expected on the basis of previous declarations of Tim Cook, but Fitbit has proven to be the leader in this segment.

At the end of 2016 Fitbit would be owner of 22% of the total market of wearable, followed by Xiaomi with 15.4 percent, and Apple in third with 10.5%, while Samsung drops up to the fifth place with 4.3%.

Even so, looking at the tables of notes equal to that it’s a widely dispersed market. 42% of the market share brings together among other brands, and the changes between each quarter are radical.

Which speaks of a fickle pace of purchase and renovation unlike the smartphone industry.

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