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Fitbit would buy the Pebble creators by $ 40 million

If something remind you of Pebble is that successful campaign of Kickstarter that kicked off the fever of smart watches. After a few years, surviving with interesting releases, the company could be acquired by Fitbit, a giant in the world of the wearables.

According to a report of The Information (Via Engadget), Fitbit buy Pebble by a sum that is presumed would be between 34 and 40 million dollars. By this amount, Fitbit embolsaría technology, intellectual property and assets in Pebble, disappearing brand in some time.

The purchase would help heal the finances and pay debts that has Pebble with its suppliers. The company that was once valued at 740 million dollars per Citizen, now struggle to survive in a market that doesn’t accept to smart watches.

At the moment the operation has not been confirmed, although TechCrunch got a (now deleted) tweet that was sent from the official account of Pebble with the famous emoji ¯_ (ツ) _ / ¯

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