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Flash Keyboard for Android collects information from its users

One of them big problems of them users of applications for smartphones is the lack of attention, mainly in them permissions that request for “work”. The meaning of this word as such not always is reveals in its description, so can mean more than what the user believes.

Another case of data collection without consent of the user and notice was presented with the keyboard Flash Keyboard for Android, which has more than 50 million users who ignore the misdeeds that Pentest security firm discovered and told Google to challenge their Play Store availability, according to information from Softpedia.

The application in question is of them more popular in Play Store, the eleventh more discharged, being exact, but although presumed of not collect data personal without consent of the user the number and type of permits that requests put in doubt his operation and was discovered performing it following:

  • It mimics the functionality of the operating system by imposing a lock screen.
  • It does not say that it overrides the lock screen to display ads.
  • Allows the update of the application and hidden them notifications so the user does not detect a behavior strange.
  • It sends personal information to servers of third parties located in USA, Netherlands and China.
  • Among the information that is the manufacturer of the device, model, version of Android, e-mail address, the MAC, IMEI, mobile network, coordinates GPS, SSID of the network, proxies and information about nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • Difficult its removal to the request permissions of administrator.

After Pentest gave to know the behavior deceptive of Flash Keyboard, Google eliminated the application of Play Store but to the time of writing this article is is available again without any modification in them permits and has as date of update today 4 of July.

As Flash Keyboard, there are other applications such as launchers of applications that take advantage of the ignorance of users to collect your information, send it to third parties, show ads and other activities without your permission. Unfortunately the work done by Google not has been sufficient to eradicate them and this case it exposes.

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