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Florcita Motuda answers our Tech quiz

We debutamos in this new section and began activating our brain sensors to send these questions in our new Questionnaire Techvia microwave.

The character that makes the red carpet this time interstellar is a Great Chilean musician: Raul Alarcon Rojas, better known in the jet set Creole as “Florcita Motuda”. What better than the author of the hymn called “People” to start.

Vamos Florcita… to start the function!

1. what was the first approach you had with technology?

Florcita Motuda: When I went to Iquique years ago and went to the ZOFRI looked modern musical instruments and there they gave me a sheet in Spanish that… horror… NO ENTENDIA which was… spoke of a “floating point” and I desperate NO ENTENDIA NADA total… is that I went to the store: it was a store of computing and that leaf was talking about the characteristics of a very basic processor… (were the 80’s) I bought it… and came a manual in English and read it 3 times without knowing English and no COMPUTER. From that experience I connected with ATARI, the music program called VOICE BOX that operated using 3 synthesizers to build chords and a fourth who was singing a speech synthesizer called SAM a great program in a 48 k compu… YOU READ… 48 K! … there I connected technologically with the music and computer… no was an “approach” or meeting… IT WAS A COLLISION.

2 favorite sci-fi film?

FM: “man facing Southeast” but only the first half… as director was not able to maintain the high level of that first part. I reduce the level of the movie to an idiotic idea of a blue substance… it would seem that some creative interesting you gave the IDEA and the director was not capable of completing it.

3 I have a ticket free for the time machine. Get and tell me what time want to travel and why?

FM: to the FUTUROOOO… on another planet and a body of power to travel at the speed of light.

4 If you could convert someone into robot and you could set it to be your assistant, who would you choose?

“FM: a beautiful woman as the Marilyn Monroe and schedule it for an ANTIGRAVITY erotic session” and at the end of that experience have with her a relaxed conversation about quantum religious SENTIMENT and their translations in the field of micro-electricity of mitochondria.

5 have you ever had a virtual affair or sexual relationship?

FM: So… with a strong mystical background where we ended up with a nice embroidered body registration of laughter and starry glares.

6 become a troll for a moment and spits with rage whatever you want…

FM: I produces No pleasure at all become a troll… does not stimulate my developed and tender creativity… internal that really stimulate the creativity… the anger… There are States or violence do so… QUITE THE OPPOSITE.

7 show the world your powers of Nostradamus and Julio Verne and tell us how the future will be…

“FM: in the future will be no artists because all men will have their artistic expression as a result of their high quantum RELIGIOSITY”.

8 hall 9000 says in 2001 Space Odyssey: “Dave, this conversation doesn’t make any sense.” Goodbye”. What if that Hall 9000 called Internet go off forever?

FM: That there will be insurance because the Internet now not be necessary, because we will have an INTRANET in our brain.

9. the robot Bender of Futurama says: “Bite my shiny metal ass”. Do you think that humans someday be handpicking the metal back of Robotics?


10 Steve Jobs said: “death is the destination we all share.” No one has escaped from her. And that’s as it should be, because death is possibly the best invention of life. What would your perfect invented death?

FM: Very easy… I’m working on the discipline of leaving the body and become a being of energy… immortal… THAT IS INTERESTING… IMMORTALITY.

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