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FNE recommends that companies clarify their form of selling equipment

After two years seeing the behavior of the three main operators of the country-clear, Movistar and Entel-the Prosecutor national economic (FNE) of Chile delivered a lapidary report where indicate that for the customer common is very difficult know how much is paying really by a cell if is extruded with plan.

Given the above, the FNE made the recommendation that operators separate accounts of what you pay for a data plan and what is paid by the team under lease.  In addition, the current 18 months contract scheme is unclear if you want to be a customer of the company, since you have to pay a subsidy which the Prosecutor determines that it is a “cost of artificial change”, where to ask for a credit for the same 18 months in a Bank and pay the team cash leaves more convenient to attach it to a plan.

Given this, the scheme that uses WOM in their contracts, separating cost of plan and cost of equipment is the preferred by the entity to the be considered the more transparent of all.

Another recommendation that makes the FNE to them operators has that see with them users Delinquent, where is recommended make a database jointly between all the operators, since them debtors arrive to be the 9% of them users.

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