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Former engineer of Apple shares how was work in the first iPhone

The next year is will be a decade of that Steve Jobs surprised to the world to the launch the iPhone. Much has speculation about internal policies of Apple to manage projects of this caliber and must now add more information, courtesy of a former engineer who worked in the kernel of the popular smartphone.

Terry Lambert answered on Quora question would it was working on the original iPhone project (name key project Purple)? The former employee said that you because of his position and responsibilities – wrote 6% of the Mac OS X kernel – had a recurrent share in the project, especially at the end.

Lambert says he agreed to areas in which everything was covered with blankets black, a common practice in Apple to hide the secret projects. The engineer did not work directly on the iPhone, but on a machine that was refined remote.

Another interesting topic that says Terry Lambert is the way how Apple handles the access to the project. The company handled different names key for the project and limited the access to those employees with base in its participation in the project. The signature of agreements of not disclosure and the restriction for access to the laboratory secret were some of the many measures of security that implemented Jobs.

To almost ten years is interesting take a look back and remember to that Apple that was surprising in the keynotes. In times current already nothing remains to the imagination thanks to them Chinese and their political of filter all in the chain of production.

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