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Found malware Russian in a company power of United States

Remains quite strong controversy between United States and Russia, albeit indirectly. And is that them authorities competent in United States of America began a research about the possible manipulation of the elections of the country American from hackers Russian, what finished by cause yesterday sanctions emanating directly of the President, Barak Obama. Today returns to fall firewood to the fire, and is that have found malware Russian on a computer belonging to a company power of United States, causing reactions of all type. Are going to know a little more in detail what the found malware and why could put halt to United States.

According to the authorities, the found malware is directly linked with the hacker group that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have listed as the cause of the manipulation of the elections. They have been nicknamed as Grizzly Steppe, and they’re getting very nervous to the powerful Americans.

The electrical Department of Burlington who has notified the presence of this malware has been nothing less than on their Facebook page. Fear to grow whenever appears any information of this kind, especially when it is linked to something as important as a company of electricity, vital for the proper functioning of society today.

According to the authorities in the area, the system is not in danger, parts of software have been located infected and they have taken measures accordingly. Meanwhile, the FBI and other competent departments continue their fight fierce against “cyber spying”, and although it seems lie, Russia takes you enough race ahead to United States in this, who you would imagine? Seems that the President Russian does not want to make statements to the respect.

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