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Foxconn filtered by accident the main camera of the iPhone 7 Plus

Apple lived through moments of high pressure with the future release of the iPhone 7. Recent studies claim that users are less excited than ever for the new terminal, and sales projections are not so favorable, which has triggered a wild amount of rumors and speculation about this new generation of devices. Apple not has said nothing official about their smarpthones, but turns out that Foxconn has filtered data important.

In accordance with a report of the blog Asian PriceRaja, the people of Foxconn would have made makes some hours a Conference to doors closed for its employees, in where addressed some of them projects more important in which works the company today.

Obviously the new generation of smartphones from Apple was on the list, and a slide confirmed the existence of the iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the general specifications of its rear camera, fortunately an Assistant took a picture of everything:


The slide, as can observe, confirms the appearance of the terminal, that fits completely with some graphic conceptual of the last, while that shows a camera of double lens, where each one would have with a resolution of 12 MP, according to indicates the text located in the part lower.

This image should not be taken lightly, since Foxconn has a broad record of history where it has leaked of accidental broader official details on future devices of Apple.

So that they can be almost confirmed those rumours where stated iPhone 7 would be nothing extraordinary, with the iPhone 7 Plus as the real terminal to buy.

In case that someone cares.

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