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Foxconn will update all its plants irrespective of human


Foxconn is one of those technological giants whose capacity to manufacture all kinds of electronic devices is simply stunning. Such is the case that in its huge production plants, in which thousands of people work, may be to produce several different devices simultaneously, for example, to this day they produce 500,000 iPhones a day.

To try to update their form of production and further improve the efficiency of their factories and above all to get rid of one of the major problems that are suffering when producing devices, we speak for example of complaints for hiring minors, suicides of workers due to the stress with… have decided to literally try to get rid of the human factor in their centers.

Foxconn is has proposed automate the 30% of its huge factories before 2020.

Entering a little more in details, comment you that not speak nor of 1,000 or of 2,000 workers, in Foxconn want dispense with of up to a million of workers in three stages different. In a first step, Foxconn will develop and manufacture their own robots to replace humans in dangerous or repetitive tasks. In a second stage is would work to improve the efficiency of these robots while, in the third and last stage, is bet by the automation of them factories whole where only will be a small number of workers human.

As has been announced, Foxconn plans to achieve 30% of its production is fully automated by 2020. Another objective wanting to achieve, although secondary, is to manufacture about 10,000 Fobots a year, same that will be able to replace 60,000 humans in their jobs by 2020.

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