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From today you can already buy the Apple Watch Nike + with a price that starts at 439 euros

Apple Watch Nike +

Apple announced makes already almost a month the new Watch Series 2 that already are available in the market with any novelty interesting, but without large changes concerning the first version of the watch intelligent of them of Cupertino. However were surprised that everyone announcing a collaboration with Nike, the popular sports brand, in the form of smartwatch.

We are spoken of the Apple Watch Nike + which from now will be available in Spain and many other countries half the world, for a price that starts at 439 euros in its most basic model.

This Apple Watch has the same features as Apple Watch Series 2, although it incorporates new Nike + Run Club application that will encourage us to go running and will also give us tips from the best coaches and athletes in the world. In addition design changes rather leaning by a highly sporty design and colours enough eye-catching that will delight all those enamored by the runn and sport in general.

With the Apple Watch Nike + will also enjoy exclusive Nike Sport and also areas inspired in the style of the sports brand belts, which can be customized easily as any Apple Watch.

Today and as we have said already it is possible to purchase this interesting model of Apple Watch to so we can purchase for 439 euros of 38 mm and for 469 euros from 42 mm or what is the same thing for the same prices that we can purchase Apple Watch Series 2.

Do you think of the new Apple Watch Nike +?. Tell us in the space reserved for the comments on this post or via any of the social networks in which we are present.

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