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Galaxy Note 5 is the favorite smartphone in the United States

The Samsung company continues to set more records during the course of this year. It had now been released a report on a survey conducted by the ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index), in where it was concluded that Americans favorite phone is the known Galaxy Note 5.

Mobile Samsung launched last year has emerged victorious, according to the report, with an excellent satisfaction rate of 86/100, surpassing by very little to its closest rival, the iPhone 6 Plus, which won only one point difference. In third place two models of Koreans share it also, we speak of the S6 Galaxy edge and Note 4, who obtained a score of 84/100.

Already relegated to the fourth place we have the 4.7-inch iPhone 6model, who obtained a score of 83/100. It should be noted that one of the most important markets for mobile companies is the American, this is why these figures must have pleased the Korean manufacturer.

However, the ACSI also published the results of a survey in which was the favourite company of the United States. Unfortunately for Samsung, in this report they were relegated to second place, as the preferred company of Americans is still Apple, who obtained a score of 81/100, a point above the Koreans. The third on the list was for Motorola with a score of 77/100, a little further down than the first two manufacturers.

Finally, this report clarifies a bit the picture of those who are the most powerful companies in the important market of the United States. Highlight the remarkable progress that Koreans have had in this regard, managing to overcome even the iPhone as your favorite phone, since some years ago Apple company was overall leader in that country, showing that Samsung is doing things well and apparently people are thanking him.

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