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Galaxy Note 7 replaced is fire and forced to evacuate a flight

Makes nine days began to arise them first reports of that even them Galaxy Note 7 replaced, decreed as safe by Samsung, were having problems with the battery, and now arises an incident that comes to pull by land all intention by consider harmless them new terminals of replacement.

Is that the flight 944 of Southwest Airlines, in the city of Louisville, had that be evacuated of emergency, interrupting their maneuvers of takeoff, due to a Galaxy Note 7 that began to ignite is inside the aircraft, detonating the panic of all them passengers.

That Galaxy Note 7 can catch on fire is nothing new, the problem here is that it was a replacement, unit supposedly safe, given by the people of Samsung to the user once returned the dangerous smartphone which had initially bought.

(C) The Verge(C) The Verge

Them first reports were mixed and confusing on the model of the smartphone in flames, but Brian Green, the owner of the phone has come out to talk about the theme, sharing photographs of the phone calcined, to verify that indeed, is was of a Galaxy Note 7.

Green says that changed your phone from the 21 of September, without any incident suspicious until the time of the flight, when was it time of take off the boy proceeded to turn off its Galaxy Note 7, it kept in its pocket and immediately began to take smoke, starting its combustion.

Samsung not has stated nothing about the affair, while the Department of fire of Louisville investigates the case.

The incident of the Galaxy Note 7 is has become already legendary. Both that already until there is a MOD for Grand Theft Auto V:

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