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Galaxy Note 7 users have followed by lack of news about the iPhone 7 in Samsung


He year that are punto of end is will remember by them problems with the batteries of all them manufacturers, although the case more is recodar√° will be the of Samsung and the Galaxy Note 7, device that is had that remove of the market due to the great number of explosions that were producing. After several months of research, apparently both the design as the battery were the main culprits of this problem. Many were analysts who claimed that Note 7 users would then be quickly competition more direct Apple, analysts who apparently did not give in the nail, as on many other occasions.

iPhone 7

According to Stephen Baker, after a study in depth of the affection to the Note problem and its possible impact on other companies stated that the majority of users who bought a Note 7 chose to accept the change by a Samsung Galaxy S7, following on the Android ecosystem has are the majority of applications that use daily. But it was not the only reason, since the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus not offered any striking novelty that motivated the change to another platform that is completely different to which they were accustomed.

But Baker not is the only analyst that claims be based on this study. Chetan Sharma says that the lack of a set of functions it sufficiently irresistible of the iPhone 7 not convinced to those users that had experienced problems with the Note 7. What is clear is that user’s Note is Note user, and no other device on the market currently offers us the same benefits with a stylus that can offer us this device, although if Apple had released an impressive terminal you can that veteran users of Note had thought it was two times when leaving the Korean firm.

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