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Galaxy S7 Edge users reported serious problem on the screen

According to what luggage today Android Authority, have emerged various users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Laureate reports alleging an annoying problem on the front of the team.

The problem is described as a pink line vertically facing the side of the team, resulting in a major distraction for users factor.

(c) Myce

For now Samsung has not referred to the issue and the causes of this striking error is unknown, but (according to Myce) it is suggested to do the following to fix it temporarily if you are one of those affected:

Enter your phone dialer and enter * #0 #. Then click on the red, green and blue. This should reset the pixels of each color individually. If the problem cannot be solved, repeat until the pink line will be.

Anyway we hope a concrete solution of the already beleaguered Samsung, which is just out of the theme of the Note 7 explosions.

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