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Galaxy S8 could integrate a screen 4K UHD

During the last few months have arisen various rumors at lathe to the inevitable S8 Galaxy. Most of them have been discreet and reliable, but one of the most consistent and strong suggest that Samsung would at last give the jump to screens 4 K with the successor to the Galaxy S7 next year, now, comes a new report which reinforces this theory.

According to a report by the Korean daily Korea Herald (via SamMobile), Samsung would be making relevant preparations to integrate screens 4 K Ultra high definition (UHD), with an extension of 5.5 inch diagonal for the next generation of its terminal star.


One of the factors that reinforce this so-called filtration is the official act by the company, which had the detail of exhibit this new display technology, during the activities of the SID Display Week 2016, a couple of weeks, where this advancement of the firm was shared openly, but under another approach.

With a resolution of 3.840 by 2,160 pixels at 806 ppi, this screen was shown to the public as an advancement of the components developed by the company to support technology of Virtual reality, but in the Herald, new report seems to suggest that Samsung will also leverage these screens to its Galaxy S8.

To observe the evolution of the screens of its line of high-end from the S5 Galaxy looks like a normal jump add a 4K the new smartphone UHD display, but it will be necessary to wait to check it out.

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