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Galaxy S8 would eliminate button physical of home by screen OLED full

As they advance the days accumulate ever more reliable and practically official reports about the appearance that will have the future Galaxy S8.

It is known as almost with certainty that the new smartphone from Samsung will have its own smart wizard and that go by one using a screen OLED next-generation, but has now emerged a new fact that virtually ensures the elimination the physical home button that has distinguished the terminal since its first generation.

In accordance with a report of The Investor, Park Won-sang, one of them main engineers of Samsung in its division of displays, would end of participate with a Conference within the activities of the Imids Display Exhibition 2016, in where revealed something of their projects current, where seek create a screen OLED full for the new terminal of Samsung:

The new Samsung Display will be extended for the entire front screen, covering more than 90% of the front for the model next year.

Those were the words of Park, where, is ensures of way indirect that the new model of Samsung (presumably the Galaxy S8) will cover with your panel OLED almost the whole of the space front of the terminal.

One of the reasons for doing so would be the platform support of Virtual reality as the VR Gear, where the presence of physical buttons and other elements around the screen cut the feeling of immersion.

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