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Galaxy S8 would use to the Assistant’s voice Bixby in all their apps native

To little more than one month that is record the names practically official of them assistants of voice of Samsung: Kestra and Bixby, emerges a new report that seems to point to this last will be the predominantly and distinctive for the new Galaxy S8.

According to an exclusive report from the guys at Sammobile, the technology of artificial intelligence patented by Viv, obtained by Samsung after the acquisition of the company, would be the main engine of Bixby, the wizard’s voice that would be present in every native application of the new Galaxy S8.

The capabilities of Bixby, according to says the reporting anonymous that detonated this news, would be so robust that S Voice, the current Assistant’s voice of Samsung, would be completely deleted of them platforms mobile of Samsung.

What is the absolute mystery is how Bixby could integrate with the apps of Google, where his Google Assistant already covers the functions of Bixby.

Is expected that the Galaxy S8 not is presented in the frame of the Mobile World Congress 2017, but scroll his revelation until the month of April, with the purpose of have the time enough to ensure a smartphone that scroll the path of the Galaxy Note 7.

This rumor says Bixby to become one of the largest and most revolutionary innovations presented with the terminal, together with your new hardware.

Is a wizard’s voice enough to win back its audience?

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