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Garmin Vivofit Jr, follow-up fitness for children


Garmin is a company recognized in the flat of the tracking sports, is the brand preferred by many triathletes in general, the effectiveness and durability of their devices not has equal, by what is a well deserved fame. However, a market that had not ventured into Garmin (and many others), was in the physical tracking of children in each home. Now Garmin presents Vivofit Jr, a device with which we can follow the activity physical of them more small, while can encourage them, motivate them and remember you them tasks more basic. The Garmin team has had a clear nod in the design to the comfort of youth.

The device is able to count the steps, sleep and other activities, in fact, is programmed to the children practice their sixty minutes of play per day. This device is controlled through an application mobile in the phone intelligent of them parents, is controls and configures in general. Thanks to this application of which we spoke, parents can encourage their children, putting challenges and activities that induce them to lead healthy lives and make the entire exercise recommended for them.

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The application also allows parents to assign certain duties to children, and be assigned rewards when these tasks are carried out, things as that they do not forget to brush our teeth. This device has been designed for those children, but with the merendé those parents. Is durable and comfortable, because the wrist of a child is the field of battle perfect for any device electronic. However, under the Garmin brand we are sure of that worth.

The bracelet will be sold in res sizes, from 145mm to 170mm, it will cost around 80 euros and will have a range of three colors, red, yellow and black camouflage and flowery. Gradually reach major distributors around the world.

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