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Germany withdraws 27 games of the Steam platform


Although censorship is often related to the past, in some countries is still very valid and I do not mean to countries where the Communist regime is the order of the day, but countries where freedoms are usually above all and where freedom of expression is considered more a duty than a right.

The Government body responsible for controlling the content that the young people of the country can access has passed truck above the platform of video games Steam, eliminating up to 27 titles that so far had been available without raising any kind of controversy.

While Valve has not released any official statement on the matter, it seems that the Manager of this deletion has been the Federal Department for media harmful to minors in Germany, since they are considered as not suitable for minors.

This year anyone in Germany may have access to Mein Kampf, considered by some as the nazi Bible written by Hitler, since 70 years have passed since its publication, and the State of Bavaria has lost the rights I had about this work, which has enabled this work again to be published and is available to all Germans. This case has aroused much controversy in the country and authorities seem to want to try to avoid the violence of video games in combination with the current migration problems and the controversial Mein Kampf can rouse the young ones of the country negatively.

Here we show the list of 27 games deleted from Valve’s Steam platform:

  • Aliens versus Predator Classic
  • Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
  • Blood: One Unit Whole Blood
  • Blood II: The Chosen + Expansion
  • BloodRayne
  • BloodRayne 2
  • Carmageddon Max Pack
  • Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now
  • Harvester
  • Kingpin – Life of Crime
  • NAM
  • Painkiller: Black Edition
  • Painkiller Hell & Damnation
  • Painkiller Overdose
  • Postal
  • Postal 2
  • Postal 3
  • POSTAL Redux
  • Rise of the Triad
  • Rise of the Triad: Dark War
  • Rune Classic
  • Shadow Warrior Classic Redux
  • No Episodes: Emergence
  • Star Wars Dark Forces
  • The Chaos Engine
  • TimeShift
  • UberSoldier II
  • Carmageddon Complete Pack
  • Classic War Pack
  • LucasArts Jedi Knight Bundle
  • Nordic Games Classic Mix
  • Painkiller Complete Pack
  • Painkiller Hell and Damnation Standard 4-pack
  • Painkiller Hell and Damnation Collectors
  • POSTAL 2 4-Pack
  • POSTAL 2 + Paradise Lost
  • Rise of the Triad – 4 Pack
  • Star Wars Collection – 2015 – RP
  • The Apogee Throwback Pack
  • The Chaos Engine 2-Pack

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