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Gestures of the fingerprint sensor reach the Nexus 5 X and 6 p

One of the striking features of the Google Pixel is the possibility of making gestures using the fingerprint sensor. Like other options, this functionality remains exclusive for the Pixel, however Google could implement it in the Nexus 5 X and 6 p.

According to Android Police, a spokesman for the company said that already studying the possibility of offering support for gestures, however not committed at all since the application of this depends on other factors. Although this is a feature of Android Nougat – system that is available for the Nexus – the problem of implementation seems to be in the firmware of the phone.

Google will examine if it is possible to implement gestures in a future firmware release, but you must first perform tests to make sure that things work well. While this happens, those who wish to activate this functionality may do so through an application called Fingerprint Quick Gestures.

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This app works without root, although it tends to be more accurate on rooted phones. The APK can download it directly from the Forum of XDA Developers.

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