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Get all a LG G4 for something less than 300 euros


On numerous occasions we are staring in new smartphones coming to market and the desire to spend a handful of our euros for them. On the other hand we have a lot of users who do not want to or may have the latest in devices and are released directly to medium or medium – low range devices. That is why today we want to share with you an interesting offer we have available on the Amazon website and that gives us a high-end relatively demure priced device. Why this LG G4 seems to us a very interesting option for those who want to change the smartphone right now.

Obviously not is is of a terminal newly presented or of this year, but the specifications of the terminal United to the low price (compared to them more than 600 euros that cost to the launch is) that has right now it make really interesting for many users that want to buy a very good terminal to a price set.

It is prior to the current G5 LG model and seems a very good choice with a camera of scandal among other top device specifications how well show you some time ago in this comparison between the LG G5 and G4 LG:

Processor 808 to 1.92 GHZ Snapdragon 820-2.2 Ghz Snapdragon
RAM 3 Gb 4 GB
Screen IPS 5.5 inch 538 ppp IPS 5.3 inches 554 ppp
Internal storage 32 Gb + MicroSD 32 Gb + MicroSD
Battery 3,000 mAh 2800 mAh
I Android 5.1 (can be changed with CyanogenMod) Android 6.0
Connectivity WiFi, bluetooth, 4G (300 mbps), NFC, WiFi, bluetooth, 4G (600 mbps), NFC,
Camera 16 MP, 8 MP, 2 LED f / 1.8 16 MP, 8 MP, 2 LED f/1.8
Price 299 EUR 650 EUR

If you are interested only, you have to enter this link from Amazon and go for it. It is without doubt a very good offer for a LG device with a year of life in this saturated market.

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