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GIPHY now joins the business of the stickers

This 2017 GIPHY boys have remained active in various strategies to popularize, even more, his delirious animated GIFS platform. So no wonder their most recent announcement where reveal their incursion into the competitive business from the sale of stickers for application mobile.

It turns out that the company has hired 12 different graphic artists to launch as many packs of stickers animated, compatible with the iMessage implementation, offering interesting novelty that sticker can be placed in any position of the window, which adds a fresh air, for the way in which animations take advantage of this freedom.

As expected, the packages are not free, and each of them costs $0.99. What seems to be a modest sum, but can result in millions of dollars in revenue if we take the example of other platforms that based their business model on the sale of these images, as LINE.

An interesting point is that this release would actually be part of a more complex strategy planned by GIPHY, where it would seek to benefit from funds raised by these packages to develop new alternatives of software that help non-professional designers to create images without requiring technical knowledge.

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