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Gmail extends the limit of attachments up to 50 MB


Currently, few are the companies that continue to make use of the fax in your communications, since most of them happened to be done by email to be more direct, because that always gets to the specific recipient rather than to a distribution center such as fax and instant. But as the years go by, needs to send long documents is increasing and the different webmail services must adapt to the needs of its users. The guys from Google just announced that from now on we can receive attachments up to 50 MB without being afraid to be bounced by the server and not come to meet him.

The limit for sending emails is still 25 MB, but we will be able to receive in our attached mail from other mail services that reach the 50 MB. If you want to send any document exceeding this figure we should make it as far, copying it to our account of Google Drive and sharing in liaison with the recipient. Until now, if a user was forced to send documents that occupy that space to a Gmail account, it was forced to split it into several parts to be able to share it via e-mail, or make use of a storage service in the cloud and then share the link with the recipient, something that does not make a good impression.

Apple through iCloud offers a more comfortable solution to send attachments up to 100 MB, uploading the content to send to iCloud and later by sending an email to the recipient along with the link to be able to download it without having to make use of other services. New Gmail service will be available within a couple of days, for the only time we can wait for it to activate it to get started to receive files up to 50 MB and than our usual email client, but use the web service, begins to collapse.

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