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GoCast, an interesting option of Ten Go! to view the contents of your smartphone

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There is something more normal to use our television to see larger content of our mobile device in a format or to play any movie that we have stored e.g. on our tablet. To carry out this action, there are dozens of devices on the market, but the variety that offers us and the possibilities that we are left with devices Go Cast the company Ten Go!.

To use these devices and above all make them, you will only need a TV with HDMI port, which are already present in the majority of devices that are currently on the market. In addition you must have a USB port to feed it and work perfectly.

Currently you can purchase 3 Go different Cast, depending on the needs that we have, the main device that we handle and above all of the money that we are willing to let us, since you anticipate will not much since devices that offers Ten Go are fairly inexpensive.


First of all we have the GoCast Mirroring that own wireless signal, which will make that we do not need to connect to a WiFi network as all other devices that we will see. It will allow us to send content from a smartphone or tablet Android in a direct way, without losing our data connection to clone our device’s screen. It also gives us the possibility to clone or extend the desktop of our Microsoft Surface. Its price is one of its best features and is that we will have to disburse by the 49.95 euros.

If we can only send content from a smartphone or Android tablet and a computer with operating system Windows 7, the best option is the GoCast Dual Miracast offered for a price of 39.95 euros. The functions are very similar to those of the previous model and is that it allows you to also send the contents and cloning them into a TV screen for example.

Finally there is a chance for all those who have an iPhone or an iPad and is that Teng Go does not want you to forget of absolutely no user. With the GoCast Mirroring for Apple any user of one of the company’s bite Apple devices can send your videos or movies from your terminal to a TV via AirPlay. You can also duplicate screen of iOS without losing data connection and extend or clone if it wanted thus to the screen of your MacBook.

Ten Go!

There is no doubt that in the market there are currently dozens of devices that allow us to send content from our smartphone or tablet to television, but what there is no doubt that we will be very hard to find gadgets so much quality and with as many options as the TengGo, with in addition many possibilities from which to choose.

Are you one of the many users who use your television to play back videos, photographs or any other content stored on the mobile device for example?. Tell us about your experience in the space reserved for the comments on this post or via any of the social networks in which we are present.

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