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Godless, a malware capable of rooting your Android mobile and install apps


Godless is a new family of malware for Android, recently discovered by the specialized company Trend Microsecurity engineers. As you said in the title of this entry, we have one of the most dangerous malware you can find. As a hopeful, let know you that ‘only‘ affects all phones with Android 5.1 Lollipop or earlier versions of the operating system. As data negative, this version of Google’s operating system is currently installed in 90% of the terminals.

Turning to Godless, apparently this software is capable of allowing that the attacker remotely rotee our smartphone to power, literally, have control over your mobile phone. Once this step is completed, it can be downloaded to install without we realize all kinds of applications. As an immediate consequence, victims will have certain unknown apps that can be annoying to spy on us or steal any data type on your mobile.

The Godless malware today, affects more than 850,000 people in the world

According to the statement released by Trend Micro, apparently themselves have detected code Godless in the main app stores, including Google Play. Among the applications, most of them apparently were services such as lanterns, wireless applications, copies of popular games… Enough to affect today, more than 850,000 people in the world.

To avoid that the maleare Goodless affect your mobile, from Trend Micro it urges users to always download applications from trusted stores. In addition to this advise us that always check the name of the developer and the permissions that we accept to install applications, this way we will avoid, inter alia, that access to certain areas that we don’t want and above all which are malicious copies.

More information: Trend Micro

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