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“GODLESS” malware that puts a halt to 90% of Android devices

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Seems the history of not finishing, and there is no month where we don’t have to include a new post about the vulnerabilities of the mobile operating system most widely used in the world. It is true that Android is popular, and therefore their growth is unstoppable, in Spain because 93 percent of mobile devices are running this Google’s mobile operating system. However, it is as popular as vulnerable, as happened once with Windows XP, almost all of the malware for mobile devices is focused on Android devices, therefore, it is not uncommon to give to “GODLESS” malware threatening to 90% of devices Android.

So, turns out that GODLESS is a tool that allows to use exploits in Android applications and is unstoppable in devices Android 5.1 Lollipop. Unfortunately, if something Google may not feel proud, it is that the devices running Android are updated. We remind that the last official version is Android 6.0 Marshmallow, i.e., this exploit would only affect systems that are not updated to the latest version. The bad news is that around 90% of the devices running Android are in 5.1 Android Lollipop or an even less than this version.

Therefore, we can say that 90% of Android devices are vulnerable to GODLESS. This tool allows you infected applications which are subsequently uploaded to the black market in internet applications. Another relevant aspect in the equation is that piracy of applications is too rooted in the Android users from around the world, therefore, this type of malware just expanding as smoke, and just infecting a significant number of devices around the globe. Meanwhile, as outdated version that is, Google does not offer protection, so we recommend from here not install applications from unknown sources.

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