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Going to travel in aircraft? Here are all the airports of the world Wi-Fi passwords


Many of us tend to make trips constantly, whether for work, pleasure, etc. When arrived to an airport and have clear that us are going to spend some hours inside it first that tend to do is search them networks Wi-Fi for to connect the smartphone, tablet or portable and pass them hours of form slightly more pleasant without spend our connection of data contracted. This is multiplies when arrived to an airport of a country that not is the our and by this the user Anil Polat began to save is them passwords of them networks Wi-Fi of them airports and the companies air that operate in them getting a very good database for use when came to them places and not have that walk asking or looking for them passwords and others.

This idea that in a principle not had another end that score is them password for have access more fast and without any type of restriction as soon as time of use or speed of connection thanks to them networks of them companies air rather than of them own airports, is became in an authentic map with them key of almost all them airports of the world thanks partly to the collaboration that the same Polat asked to them users for expand that database and cover the maximum of information possible.

We now have available a map in Google Maps (which we have above these lines) in which we can see the number of airports which has ringed together with their Wi-Fi networks and passwords. Also is launched to the development of an application that is available for them users of Android and iOS that is called WiFox and that allows to the user choose an airport of the database and get them passwords of the Wi-Fi but of them rooms VIP that have some companies air and of this form get them data of connection even before arrive to the own airport.

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