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Goodbye, 2016: The fails of the year in the technology industry

We can say many things about 2016. That was a bad year, who died an exaggerated amount of people who didn’t have to die, or even in the technology industry more errors than hits, there was however regard us as technology is precisely this last.

This solar cycle have seen how Apple was beaten by your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, how Samsung had a year to forget in too many things, how Pebble became the promise that was never fulfilled, and how other smaller companies also predicted success, but after awhile it just vanished.

The goal of this column is not put out the fire with gasoline, but see these shortcomings – which is very serious in some cases – and criticize from a logical and constructive point of view. We made it clear this until some jump to say that “this was the year of Linux”, because clearly it was not.

The MacBook Pro and its TouchBar


I remember how all not many years ago expected the Apple keynote to see what surprised us this time, and most of the time was satisfying to see how Tim Cook or Craig Federighi walked across the stage to show innovative products. This year saw how the company presented a new iPhone, system operating and Terminal portable, however the results left much what want.

7 iPhone was the promise of the mobile that everyone wanted, but all end up also by reject. By much that have features incredible as the 3D Touch, the lack of a connector jack for them headphones normal is unforgivable, and left to more than any person upset with the company by such decision. In addition, the AirPods – specially designed speakers for this unit – would begin to arrive some time after having launched the team (and that) not to mention how easy that is to lose them.

In the same way, the lack of connectors and ports USB on the new MacBook Pro we ended by irritate even more, but it wasn’t until a couple of months when the debacle would begin seriously.

Soon it was on sale, the device promised 10 hours of continuous operation, in practical terms when not reaching or half. When users noted the fault, the company began to work immediately on a patch to fix this issue, however the remedy turned out to be removing the menu bar battery estimated time. All wrong.

Goodbye, Pebble

Pebble Steel black matte

Pebble always the eternal promise in the industry of those watches smart. Since last year it sounded the best choice to buy one of these devices, however all the auguries ended up absolutely nothing during this 2016.

To beginning of December us learned of that the company not was giving them results economic expected, but never us hope that the signature closed definitely to then be acquired by Fitbit.

Do not know for certain what will be what you expected to the brand in the future, beyond having to cancel some of the purchases that were made after the Pebble 2 ads, Time 2 and Pebble Core, however we have the anxiety of knowing that a good idea was the jar of the garbage.

Oombrella and another failure of the crowdfunding


Another project that seems to be completely disappeared from makes ones many months is Oombrella, an umbrella that promised warn whenever there are us when would begin to rain changing of color. The idea was born at Kickstarter, however had to go also through Indiegogo to reach their ideal starting capital, signaling that social financing let be a possibility today, either is a sign that the idea is not directly profitable.

Once the company became the established amount to start, they disappeared from the map, limited to send emails to calm waters, however we do not have signals of the umbrella.

More Needless to say that the last post on the brand’s Facebook dates back to August this year, where enclosed Indiegogo link and nothing else.

Thanks to the two above, we can infer that something about the crowdfundingplatforms, since although in some cases they are successful, do not always end up in a very satisfactory conclusion. This trial is obviously based on the previous two cases, however there are many good projects that have also undergone this unfortunate process, maybe something you want to say. If this will be the beginning of the end of these sites, will only tell the time.

Samsung: Galaxy Note 7, washing machines and corruption


The year of Samsung has been the most difficult, and even that you like the brand – or non-don’t have to be a genius to realize this.

It all started badly with the Galaxy Note 7, phone which even today continues to generate news that border on the absurd. All painted for good with the phone, since it was a good example of what should be a phablet (all in all), however when they began the explosions on different sides of the world, everything became color of Ant for the Korean company.

Then followed the case explosive washers, it is just as serious as the phones, but that already had one tinge of something more serious given that it was a household appliance, which obviously is the place we use to develop our lives.

When everything could not be worse for Koreans, accusations of corruption for its Chairman, Lee Kun-hee, who was accused of incitement to prostitution and later bribes to local government, among other companies of this country (note that Samsung was not related directly to these incidents, but only its President). The latter, moreover, resulted in the dismissal of the President of the Republic, Lee Kun-hee, it is obviously not something minor.

For many reasons, this year made us it clear that even the great are able to fail miserably, however we hope that everything will improve in the near future, not for the sake of the companies, but for the sake of those who happen to be those affected direct these bad choices, us, their users.

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