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Google and IBM will work together in the development of artificial intelligence systems


Long seems to corporations related to the world of technology and software are betting clearly by the development of the artificial intelligence but not only have to develop new equipment increasingly powerful hardware or software solutions that are able to use 100% and optimally all the performance offered by this new hardware but as such, these systems must be trained and this is time consuming, especially if you don’t have great teams that are dedicated to this work.

Because of this, it is not surprising that two large companies as they may be Google and IBM have decided to work together in a way, at least, curious. I say this because the idea is that iBM will use Google long ago made available around the world his artificial intelligence tool TensorFlow, a model of Open Source software that will be integrated into PowerAI, a system developed by IBM in a totally different Watson project, the flagship of IBM, and responsible for all this software capable of among other things, detect diseases, solve costly mathematical problems…

IBM announces will be added TensorFlow, the artificial intelligence of Google, to its project PowerAI.

By Google, the main idea of TensorFlow is that this system should be able to help all types of developers with mechanical learning of their systems through a tool, hence was implementation available to everyone. Here is where to get the point that IBM decided to incorporate it into PowerAI, a new system of artificial intelligence has a much more versatile and customizable interface that is developed taking into account that this must go to evolve as it receives and assimilates information.

No doubt quite easily get to two different technologies in principle to work together and may be developing and improving iteration after iteration. We hope that this joint work in the field of artificial intelligence can soon get to society in the form of new products more intelligent and proactive.

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