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Google and Novartis tell us about trends in your lenses against diabetes

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A few months ago already had opportunity to meet a project in which Novartis and Google were working together, particularly by those then we spoke of a kind of intelligent lens equipped with a series of sensors capable of measuring glucose and send the information in real time via wireless to a smartphone so that any user, was aware at a time given on the glucose levels in your body.

After all this time that little or nothing has been known about this project so interesting, especially for people with diabetes, has time to talk about a new, much more interesting evolution that serves precisely to make more comfortable the way people suffering from this disease. As discussed in the last released release speaking on these lenses, the system has evolved to not only measure the glucose, but also to be able to release small doses of medication if you need it.

Before continuing, let know you that this project has just been presented at the World Congress of biomaterials by Professor of science of materials and engineering at the Pohang University of science and technology of Korea, Sae Kwan Hahn. Personally I have to say that these lenses have struck me especially since, as Sae Kwan Hahn, one of the heads of the project, says the same can, in addition to helping diabetics, be adapted to treat more diseases.

Entering a little more in detail, learned that basically the project was made from two different everyday items, on the one hand we have lenses made from two layers of soft silicone Hydrogel which are responsible for measuring blood glucose. Secondly, we have a few glasses with the drug connected to lenses that, upon receipt of the order, he can release a small dose or, if necessary, warn the user using a LED that something may occur and must intervene.

More information: IEEE

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