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Google Assistant will also be available on Android 6.0

Google Assistant has been one of the innovations that has most closely guarded Google exclusively for their devices, at least during the first months of launch. But perhaps forced by movements of other companies such as Samsung, Mountain View-based company has been forced to change their minds and offer his assistant in other devices. At the moment the first to integrate it was LG G6, the new flagship of the Korean company which presented yesterday within the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2017 that is taking place these days in Barcelona and where news Gadget has a physical presence with several editors.

At first it seemed that this new Google Wizard would only be available on Android 7.X, but as announced by the Vice President of Google in Barcelona, this wizard will not be exclusive or of the company or the latest version of Android, in such a way that you can reach all devices running a version of Android 6.X or later. At the moment this wizard only supports English and German, what rather limit its possible expansion in addition to being a decisive purchasing factor for users who have thought about to renew your devices in the coming months.

But we must bear in mind that Google Assistant may not work on all devices even if they are managed by Android 6.x or higher, since it requires a minimum of 1.5 GB of RAM and a resolution of 720 p. At the moment we do not know when Google will launch the new Wizard of the Mountain View company to the market, but with the time that has passed since his presentation, should already be available not only in two languages, but it should already be available in a large number of terminals, but seems to changes in this wizard plans to interfere in the development of the same.

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