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Google autonomous car suffers a serious accident, but is not guilty


Google has in Montain View (California), a 450 Lexys h, an autonomous SUV that is constantly conducting driving tests to improve the system. Up to now we have spoken long and laying of the accidents caused by the same, all reduced draught, however, today is to talk about the most serious accidents suffered by autonomous Google car, but keep criticisms, the accident has been caused by the driver of the other vehicle involved. This can be a turning point for the way in which we see autonomous driving, which could be key in the study and reduction of traffic accidents.

It was last Friday when the Google car was hit by a van of Interestate Batteries, a battery and battery company. Fortunately there has been no physical injury to any of the parties involved, however, the autonomous car of Google has suffered substantial damage on the sides and the sensors. Meanwhile, the Mercedes Vito used by the driver who caused the accident has been damaged in the front considerably.

The cause of the accident was the traffic lights, not because it was off or because Google autonomous car sensors not detected it, but because the van driver ignored the signal light.

According to the report by Google, the traffic light had already green six seconds, however, the Google car is constantly monitored by a person at the wheel, so the responsible engineer, witnessing the disregard of the driver of the van, took control of the autonomous car of Google and pressed the brakes, although nothing could do, the impact was inevitable.

Google has not made public the recording of the accident, however, hurry to communicate that 94% of interurban accidents are caused by human error, so autonomous driving will be more efficient and safe driving in cities.

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