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Google buys Eyefluence, a small startup specializing in eyetracking

Google compra Eyefluence

To these heights seems clear that the future of the new technologies passes by the development of the reality virtual. You have proof of what I say in how all the great technology of the planet have opted to develop its own vision of this concept. In the case of Google we find as the company to bet on the development of Daydream, your own virtual reality headset, in favour of another series of projects much less beneficial in the medium and long term, or well have been frozen and have directly been discarded.

One of the news that, curiously, has gone virtually unnoticed during these days, is the announcement made by the multinational American where he discussed the acquisition of Eyefluence, a small American startup specializing in eyetracking, eye tracking. This startup, created in 2013, today cuenca with more than 21 million of funding in its coffers. Highlight, arrived to this point that, between them improvements in technology developed by this company found a software capable of monitor the movement eye to use it as if of a mouse is were or the option of power do selections with them own eyes without need of use no other type of peripheral.

Google will boost the capabilities of Daydream thanks to the purchase of Eyefluence.

As you can see, speak of a software very interesting that could convert is soon in a complement essential to the reality virtual. Now, When can users try this type of technology? Surely and as you are commenting from internal sources of Google, we will have to wait until the next generation of Daydream where this type of technology not only amazed by his capabilities, but it finally will show much more mature and capable.

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