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Google buys technology that recognises direct objects from your smartphone

The French division of Google, that same one that just be the victim of a police raid a couple of months ago, has just announced the acquisition of the company Moodstocks, specialized in the development of technology for the intelligent recognition of objects through any smartphone camera.

The announcement was made through a publication in the official blog of the French Office of Google, in where he revealed some details about the collateral consequences of the acquisition, where Moodstocks basically will eliminate its brand and will no longer support their products, while its team of engineers will join formally the office of research and development of the technology giant.

It is known since the days of Google Glass and Project Tango, that people from Google has shown special interest in the technology of recognition of objects, particularly photographs, which could have a direct connection with this strategic transaction.

What makes special Moodstocks artificial intelligence is that almost everything is from the terminal itself, without resorting to the cloud computation, which could represent an interesting and almost necessary evolution for these platforms.

There are already several alternatives for the recognition of objects through smartphones, but most of them are dependent on Cloud Computing for connecting to the supercomputer Watson of IBM, which makes the heavy part of the work.

It seems that Google seeks to innovate in that aspect.

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