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Google Calendar adds a monthly view on the 5.6.2 widget


You have a monthly view widget on the desktop of your Android smartphone for many it is more than vital, for which, at a quick glance, know the important events which have throughout the month. A type of widget that Month app offers to be one of the best applications for this purpose.

Now, after redesigning Google Calendar in version 5.0, the big G is provided to update your calendar app to bring one of the features that ignored this important update: monthly view widget. And it is that Google Calendar on the 5.6.2 has now added a widget to the desktop well useful.

This widget you can get is that finally passes this app Month which offers almost the same, if what you want is to take an app, this is possibly the best time. Another thing is that Month is one of your favorite apps and already miss it, although Calendar has released a widget very nice.

The widget has a size of 4 × 5, so it takes almost completely a desktop screen, although that Yes, you can reduce it to 4 × 4 or fill the entire screen, so don’t miss any detail in a larger view. The current month listed on the top left with different buttons to move to the previous or subsequent month.

The widget of the month is virtually identical to that you can find in the main app. This means that you can not select a calendar specifically for the widget without see it also in the app.

This app was recently updated with a icon that shows the date current in the display of the desktop and in the drawer of apps as part of the Pixel Launcher. In Android 7.1, direct access from the app allows you to quickly create a new event or reminder.

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