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Google changes of opinion and will launch a desktop application for Google Allo

News gadget we have spoken on several occasions of a new messaging application that Google wanted to plunge into the world of instant messaging, an application called Google Allo. Allo? If an application that came several months on the market and which currently hardly anyone uses it so it is likely that many of you don’t remember. During his presentation at the last Google I/O, Google stated that this application would only be available for mobile devices. First error. Although every time PC and Mac sold less, not everyone is willing to have to use the phone whenever it rings to hold a conversation, especially if you are doing any other task in front of the computer.

Telegram was one of the first applications of messaging to be cross-platform, which has become one of the apps that are slowly being taken over by users. WhatsApp also has a similar service, although using a web service that requires us to have always on phone. To try to fill this important disadvantage, the guys at Google have changed their opinion and to try to boost its messaging platform launched a desktop version.

At the moment do not know if it will be a stand-alone application to Telegram style or whether it will make use of a web service style WhatsApp. Nor do we know if it will be available for all platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, tablet). What is clear is that the main limitation that this application offers us is at this point and Google, by much Google that is, is not capable by itself alone to change our habits once we have become accustomed. The launch of an application or web service could be an important boost for Google Allo messaging platform can start to be a choice between users.

The launch of Google Allo, which initially was not going to replace to Hangouts has been a move, in my opinion, stupid, since once had gotten that users are accustomed to Hangouts, you have forced them to change the app with a new one that is cross-platform and which also does not offer the same functions as the previous. It is as if Google wanted to start from scratch trusting that all users of Hangouts would go to Google Allo without thinking twice.

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