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Google Chrome 53 for Windows promises to be 15% faster


That Google Chrome is losing bellows is a secret to voices, the alternative as Firefox or Microsoft Edge is are showing quite efficient pace that fast. However, the development of Google Chrome is what keeps him in the elite of the search engines. On the other hand, the low yield offered on computers with few resources and little regard to your broadband and RAM memory consumption is gaining many retractors both macOS and Windows 10. So as, the team’s development of Google Chrome has promised that the version 53 of the famous Finder will be a 15% more fast that it current.

With this they seek to regain the trust of users. With a new set of optimizations, seems to be that Google Chrome will once again offer the performance that made him so famous, they have called this new system “PGO” and is supposedly designed by and for the habitual use of any user. The problem that we are seeing here is the requirement in terms of hardware that Google Chrome has. However, the team ensures that both the 64-bit version and 32 bit of your browser will show a performance quite striking in the next edition.

In this way, Google Chrome aims to silence some rivals, Microsoft Edge and Opera for example, they have made direct attacks on the performance of Google Chrome, which is one of the most popular browsers, while it does not offer a performance or a speed that really justifies its use.

What have not had good i.e. When will these new versions, 53 and 54, the browser of Google. To touch us wait, meanwhile, takes to try alternatives, not shut you in the world of browsers and uses that best suits your needs.

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