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Google Chrome accelerates reloading of pages by 28%

When web browsers recently appeared, internet was not as consistent as it is today. Why web browsers included a function to reload web pages, which has become obsolete.

Believes it the Google engineer, Takashi Toyoshima (via TechCrunch), who ensures that currently users reload webpages because they see that he was not loaded correctly or is out of date.

The problem to the reload of a web site is that the browser performs numerous requests to verify that resources remain available. However, Google Chrome users on computers and mobile almost won’t notice the process of reloading in the most recent version.

Google, Facebook and Mozilla worked to speed up reloading of pages by 28% by Chrome to only validate the main source. Thus, avoiding too many requests and it accelerates the charging time.

Improvement would be little notorious in a stable internet connection, but poor quality connections is quite remarkable. In this respect, those who benefit most will be the users of mobile devices.

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