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Google Chrome definitely leaves the use of flash

Google Chrome

Long responsible for the development of Google Chrome have been warning all users in not long he was to abandon the use of the outdated Flash format to focus solely on support for HTML5. This notice has finally become reality and in the latest released update already are not displayed by default pages in Flash format.

Normally, enabled this option by default, by now probably because you have installed the new version of Chrome for what surely you’ve given is that some sites have stopped working or display a notice that you have to install Flash Player on your computer. If you do not have this option enabled, let know you what the Chrome 55 version that no longer support this type of format.

Strong chrome Flash Player death sentence.

Why are bets on HTML5 instead of Flash? As it appears in many places, are bets on HTML5 instead of Flash since this new provides a much smoother, better optimized and above all much safer experience. When you enter a web page that uses Flash, provided the HTML5 format is enabled, not something that happens in all web pages, will ask you to activate it.

This update in Google wants that finally all developers to switch as soon as possible to the HTML5 since, despite her enormous amount of listings and ‘threats‘ still there are many who have not taken the plunge. If you want to manually update your browser to install the Chrome 55 version only you must Access three points icon at the top right of the browser, display the ‘help‘ menu and finally click on ‘Google Chrome information

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