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Google Chrome recharge the 28% faster as well as save data

Google launched yesterday the new update of its Chrome browser, an update is not expected until the week it comes, but it seems that this had already passed all the necessary controls before its release and the Google guys have been unwilling to wait any longer. One of the innovations that brings this new update, is related to the security of the web pages that you visit. As I reported yesterday, both Firefox and Chrome have begun to notify users if the websites visitors and offer forms for entering a password are safe or not, i.e., if they do use the HTTPS protocol or continues using the HTTP standard.

But this new update also brings an important novelty, especially for those users who are forced to continually reload any web page. Whenever you press the F5 key, el content of the web page is requested again to the server and this responds again loading the entire page, without recourse to the cache that is stored at that time. I’m supposed excessive time, while Chrome has managed to reduce up to 28%. This feature coming soon to mobile devices, is ideal to save money in our data rate, since all the new content is uploaded will not be prompted only the parts that have changed.

At the moment this option, as I said, is only available in version 56 Google Chrome’s desktop, but within a few days, it should also be available on mobile devices that also makes use of Chrome as a usual browser. To download the latest update of Chrome, just you have to go to the preferences section of the application, so that the browser check if there are any new updates and begin to settle.

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