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Google Chrome will have its version for virtual reality on Android

Virtual reality has had on Google as one of its major drivers and mass, since he has worked on several projects that aim to do that this technology. Happened to the Cardboard and it will happen to Daydream, but it is also seeking to make the web available to be displayed in this format.

According to Road to VR, the latest beta versions and Chrome developer containing a pair of striking features. The first is ‘WebVR“which gives an engaging and immersive experience when visiting a site that is designed to exploit this environment, while the second is”ShellVR“, which allows users over the Internet through a Cardboard or Daydream.

The basis of the information comes from François Beaufort, who pointed out that both options can be enabled through the browser flags, but that it is not advisable to do so at the moment, since even presenting several instabilities.

On the other hand, the Middle notes that Google is also preparing a version of Chrome for the glasses Oculus Rift and HTC lives, to take advantage of this experience through a computer.

If we do a bit of memory, Samsung also proved this road, to the launch a browser in phase experimental that took advantage of them sites of the network actually virtual. Perhaps this is the new way of visiting the website in the (not too distant) future.

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