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Google Chromecast will connect with our web browser


According to indicate the latest updates of Chromium, the version of testing of Google Chrome, the browser of Google is enter in our televisions through the device more famous of Google, the Google Chromecast. As indicated by the images, the new versions of the browser will bring an option in the menu that will allow us to bring the window to the Chromecast device you want which would lead the browser and its extensions to the device, turning our TV into a powerful computer or rather in a silly light client.

Google Chromecast could play an important role between Google services

This option not is existing still in all them versions of Google Chrome, is expected that is available starting from the version 51 and although in she appears, many users think that until the next versions, the browser of Google not will work correctly in our Google Chromecast. Yet he doesn’t is curious as the browser will be compatible with Chromecast and our Android smartphone, so it seems that the convergence of Google is closer than ever and Chromecast will be a key element in this.

Navegador web

Projects from other companies, the convergence becomes a dock or a Miracast screen, but in the case of Google Chrome, the convergence will pass have an hdmi port to connect our Google Chromecast and a chromecast that increasingly more people having in their homes.

All that still so seems that indicates that there will be more news on Google soon, although this could have place in the next I/o. I’m thinking that if Chromecast which also used Android apps is Google’s Web browser-compatible, you can that soon our Google Chrome to run apps of Android without needing anything, only the web browser. But this is a guess, something that may happen or can that only time, not tell don’t believe?

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