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Google could launch its own mobile this year

Nexus x prototipo

Is true that Google has its own line of smartphones, it is also true that Google is flirting with being a mobile phone company, but The Telegraph reports are running that Google intends to give a step forward and make the direct competitor to Samsung and Apple how? Making your own mobile.

According to the Telegraph, high level information related to Google indicate that this year will know a smartphone that would be created and manufactured by the same, possibly being an alternative to the Google Nexus family family. According to the provided information, Google would be in conversations with the wireless providers so that they are compatible with their phones. To this should be added to the current situation of the family Nexus and rumors of more than one year ago that they pointed to that Google would be working on its own mobile.

Google would be negotiating with suppliers to manufacture your own mobile

Although family Nexus are reporting great benefits Google, is true to the last editions do not satisfy its users and found problems with hard-to-fix yellowish or mobile screens. Possibly that is why Google is changing manufacturer and has tired of such search, so you try with the launch of its own hardware.

On the other hand, Google has launched its own router and also launch its own intelligent speaker, without having Google Chromecast, success stories where Google has been very active and that may have encouraged to the new Alphabet decides to create and sell their own mobile telephony hardware.

I personally think that this launch will take place, however I doubt very much that The Telegraph information is as accurate, i.e. I think that if Google wanted to launch its own mobile this year already I would have announced something but it has not done so you can be mobile we see him next year, but with Google who knows, may before the start of the summer we know something more do you you think?

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