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Google Docs is updated with support for GIFs and we don’t know why

Now is the time where common sense seems to already do not have room. The latest update from Google Docs to 1.6.442.22 version surprised and strangers with support for GIFs (via Android Police).

The animations are added to the document through Google Keyboard, selecting the option to add GIFs. The user can use the search engine to find the animation you need to add to the document, for example, of a kitten.

(c) Android Police(c) Android Police

Rather than giving life to a document that is likely to be printed, ignore why Google decided to implement the support docs for GIFs. Unless we could print animations, we would talk about one function more than necessary. It is worth mentioning that such support has been present in the web version of Google Docs for some time.

If you already want to add GIFs to your documents, probably also you have lost common sense. By now the update only is available through APK Mirror, although is expected that comes soon to Play Store.

Google Docs [APK Mirror]

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