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Google Expeditions is now available in the Play Store


Every year, both Google and Apple, to quote those who are carrying the singer voice in terms of software and hardware, partly conducted a Conference for developers where the company informs the community of all what has been working so that developers can see the possibilities offered by the company.

Many of the projects, it takes a year or more to get to the market and sometimes, depending on the interest that developers have shown is possible that any of these fall into oblivion. One of the projects oriented to virtual reality to the company based in Mountain View was Expeditions, an application aimed at teachers, that can teach the world.

Google Expeditions is a futuristic project that did not seem to have all the ballots to become a reality. But after having been tested in 11 countries a year and by more than one million students the company has considered launching it in Play Google. The application Google Expeditions works in conjunction with the Google Cardboard or other virtual reality glasses.

At the moment Google Expeditions allows teachers and students to do inversivos Visual tours worldwide offering a real view of the space at the bottom of the sea, historical cities… But in the future thanks to this application teachers may teach their classes wherever they may be. The idea of Google is great especially for the users who can not attend daily to schools for physical reasons or moving, but it is also very useful when teaching classes or specialised courses in which displacement problems (made in other countries) we have impossible to attend.

Education, at least in Spain, which in other countries moves more slowly than normal while as in the United States for several years, many are students who come to class with a Chromebook or a tablet, instead of loaded with expensive text books that unfortunately only last a year.

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