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Google Fiber TV Box adds support to Google Cast


Google Cast, as it is known today, is the name updated the mythical Cast Chrome, a receiving device for multimedia, which in a restrained price, allows us to only by plugging it into any HDMI connection, share video and audio from any device, because Google Cast applications are to be found on all platforms. However, there was a device from Google that did not have this feature, while I didn’t have too much logic. However, the wait has come to an end, Google Fiber TV Box now has support for Google Cast, so you can share the content of your smartphone or tablet in the fastest and easiest way.

I am lover of Google Cast, once you start using it, has no end. Although I also use daily system assimilated IOS, known as AirPlay. And is that nothing easier to transmit your favorite YouTube video to television there is with a one-touch, as well as transmit music to your Hi-Fi equipment, while still using the smartphone or tablet for your purposes. That and much more is Google Cast, why its arrival at Google Fiber TV Box es news awaited by users.

That if one of the requirements is to be attached to the Google Fiber TV program, without it, you can do Google Cast, however, is completely logical to have the service if you have a Google Fiber TV Box. The only rivalry, is that Google Cast costs only €30 on websites such as Amazon, so many users will prefer to buy directly a Google Cast and take advantage of its possibilities. Honestly, if you’ve tried Google Cast blessings, I recommend that you run your technology provider of trust and try it, you can not live without.

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