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Google gets its artificial intelligence to be able to encrypt messages

Google Brain

If we talk about artificial intelligence, as it is developed today, the truth is that we have to talk about software that, while it is able to improve on their results based on many tests, for many today day cannot be considered as “intelligent“. Even so, the truth is that there are many researchers working in its development is one of the most developed of Google.

Today we woke up with a story that has quickly transcended across the network since Google Brain has managed that your system be able to encrypt their messages. As has been informed, this time the platform has been able to learn this feature without human assistance, based on a mechanism of trial and error that has 15,000 trials needed to function properly.

Google Brain manages to learn for itself to encrypt your messages without human help.

Undoubtedly we have a very interesting machine learning or Machine Learning achievement and virtually all Robotics in general since, while the encryption system is still very basic, the fact that artificial intelligence is able to encrypt and hide your messages is a milestone that had failed so far.

By the time so only remains await to see towards it leads where this development since, for better or for worse, as often happens with all topics having to do with Artificial Intelligence, there will surely people who praise the achievement of this milestone while other sectors will be much more worried about what may occur if at one point this kind of machines you decide to hide their intentions from the human.

More information: New Scientist

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