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Google gives its chromecast Youtube network subscribers


It seems that Google wants to promote and foster their new service of Youtube. And what better way to do it through old marketing and advertising practices. So Google will be giving away their new Chromecast between subscribers of Youtube network.

Thus the first who do so will receive a link that will take them to the caddie of Chromecast with the new price. With this Google want its Youtube network service to improve and is expand significantly although currently their service has more than 2 million users, an interesting figure for a platform like Youtube. However, this offer is not the first time that performs it. Long ago, when Google wanted to fill his Play Store apps, it began to give smartphones among developers, in particular its first Nexus, a smartphone that satisfied many developers and made on the other hand new developers began to develop for Android. It seems that Google now wants to repeat the success in Youtube network and not going in wrong direction.

Chromecast offers and price reductions appears to be compatible in Youtube network

On the other hand, besides the Chromecast, Google must also offer to new subscribers to Youtube network consists of three months for 99 cents, a price very interesting for those who continuously use the Google video platform.

Seems to be that increasingly are the companies that is volcano in the services and want them to empower to benefit from this. Google can also be put in this sack or that already seems Youtube network is a platform that seems to be in many homes and not is for less with this offer with Chromecast, but really need all this for the use of Youtube network? will do this many users abandon Youtube to upload their videos to Internet? do you you think?

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